WordPress Website Repair & Troubleshooting

Problems with your WordPress website? SixFour Web can help. Whether it’s a contact form that is no longer working, slow-loading pages, broken layouts or a malware-warning from Google we’re ready to troubleshoot and repair your issue. For just $199, we can start the process of getting your website back in shape.

Our Repair & Troubleshooting Process

Our process is simple. We start by making a backup of your website and conducting a diagnostic review. Based on our discussion with you and what we find “under the hood”, if we can work on your site, we provide you with a detailed estimate of the tasks and time to get your website back in order. Once you approve our estimate, we’ll begin repairing your WordPress website. If for some reason we can’t work on your site (your site is too fragile or is a “rat’s nest” and we have to back away screaming), or you decide not to have us do the work, we refund a portion of your initial payment.

To get started, click the link below to register your website and make your $199 downpayment.

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