Ministry and Church Website Design

An effective church website can extend your good works beyond the church walls. Let SixFour Web Design help your ministry to develop your first website or redesign your outdated website.

Why a Church Website

Many churches give visitors and members a Church bulletin filled with information, but after service is over, what happens to it? Usually, they’re left in a pew or lost before the week is over. By having a website where you post news and announcements, your members can still get the information they need with a click of a mouse.

A well designed church website can help you reach people who may not find you otherwise. Your church website is also an economical way to welcome visitors and newcomers to the community. It’s a great way to share information about your ministries and pastoral staff, community outreach activities, and even give first-time visitors directions to make sure they’re on-time for your next service.

Shepherding the Lost

Reaching Seekers is an important function of a church website. Your church website may be the one that helps someone who is at a point in their lives where they are feeling lost and alone. People who may be reluctant to come to church may visit you online first.

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